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Thread: Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z (AM3+) pt1 - basic review with Zambezi

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    Thanks for the reply FlanK3r

    I was reading the other day in the amd section about ht.
    In there it said something about the fpu it's self supporting ht of some sort, I don't know if that is a mix up or not.

    I think I may wait it out one more gen and then upgrade my board and cpu at the same time.
    I'm sure this x6 1090t of mine will hold out until then .

    The newer gen boards and cpu's look like alot of fun to clock though.

    One thing I'm curious about, the win8 boot option in the bios.
    Is it alot faster?, win8 on my board the ch4 formula doesn't really boot win8 any faster then win7.
    Then again I wonder if enabling that option will screw up loading dos/linux and win7.

    I thought about getting a new setup, plus a new cpu cooler, but I'm holding off on it.
    I wouldn't beable to fit a 2x120mm rad in my case anyways.
    At moment the only thing I'm looking at is blue ray burners.

    Here's some small ?'s for ya, maybe you can answer then or maybe not .
    How far will the cpu clock on stock voltages?
    What is the limit in the bios for the pcie clock? (I know most don't mess with but I do and I'm curious ).
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    CPU: Intel Core i7-4930k [3332B054]
    CPU Heatsink: NZXT Kraken X60
    Mobo: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition (0507 BIOS)
    MEM: 4x 4gig G.Skill [F3-2400C9Q-16GTXD] (Dual Sidded Samsung of Some Sorts)
    PSU: Antec HCP-850 Platinum
    VGA: nVidia Grid VGX K2 (WIP with 2x 680 lightnings)
    Monitor: ASUS VG278HE & 3DVision2 Kit
    Drives: 2x WD Red 2TB Drives [WDBMMA0020HNC-NRSN] (RAID 0), Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F60GB3A-BK 60GB SATA3 SSD, Pioneer BDR-2208 Blue Ray Burner
    Case: Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra
    OS's: Windows 2003 Enterprise x86 SP2-R2 VLM, Windows 7 Standard Embedded x86 SP1 EVL (128GB Patched), Windows 7 Standard Embedded x64 SP1 EVL
    Mouse: Using generic mouse for now...
    Arm:Samsung Galaxy S IV i9500 Octo-Core Quad Band 16gb Unlocked and 2x 64gig sd cards

    Sig is slightly out of date, I'll update it later ^^

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