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Thread: P45A Battery/CMOS problem

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    Angry P45A Battery/CMOS problem

    Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone seen an issue I have with an old Foxconn P45A motherboard. I had unplugged the power cord from the machine for a couple days and when I plugged/powered on, the BIOS had lost its settings. I figured the mobo battery was dead and replaced it with a new one. Problem is after I resetup the BIOS and unplugged/repluged the power cord for testing, it lost its settings again. The clear CMOS jumper is set to its default position as well. Not sure what else to look at here, is there some kind of setting in the Power Managment settings in the CMOS that would control this?
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    Clean the Battery Terminals

    If you can find a "Ink Pen Rubber/Eraser" give the battery terminals a quick scrub as they may have oxidized or some corrosion on them. Also give the battery a rub to clean the contacts just to make sure.
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    Did you make sure that you save the settings in the BIOS? Are you able to save to a profile?

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    Also remove mb from the case and try again - some short circuit with the metal chassis may occur.
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    dont remember the p45a having any battery problem one of the board did but not 45a
    as i say the battery is old you just got a dead battery

    people for get a battery on motherboard only last a year so better but a lot of other not so
    so for the cost if a few pance you should just repleace it



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