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Thread: Worth going from 1 MSI GTX570 TWII to SLI mode in anticipation of new Catleap panel?

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    Worth going from 1 MSI GTX570 TWII to SLI mode in anticipation of new Catleap panel?

    Hey gang, just looking for some advice concerning a purchase I'm about to make. Currently I'm using an older HP 25.5" TN display with native res of 1920x1200 and 1 MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr II running at a comfortable 802 core/2050 mem OC, but I'm just about to replace my monitor with the Yamakasi Catleap 27" LED IPS panel with a native res of 2560x1440.

    At present I'm perfectly fine with my framerates in the games I play; Skyrim with ENB and lots of graphics mods, Diablo 3, TERA, etc. But when a jump to a panel with 2560x1440, I'm anticipating that my single GTX 570 might start to struggle. That said, I'm wondering if adding a second GTX 570 and going SLI would address this issue, or if I'd be better off getting a different card altogether. Thoughts?

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    A SLI GTX570 perform pretty good, even at high res, the 1.28gb of memory isnt that much of a wall. I had a SLI 580 and SLI 570. If you dont look at bench numbers, both are very good and its hard to tell the difference when gaming.

    As for futurproofing, i would go with a single GTX680 since few games ask alot of memory nowaday. You can still SLI 680 later on the road
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    I run SLI 570s Twin Frozr III Power/OC edition @ 2560x1600 and the only game I've had issues with its metro 2033 @ max settings on 1600p. Everything else has been butter.

    GTX 680 is a good card, but about the price of two 570s which would give higher frame rate. IMO though, I'd get a 2gb 670 and add a 2nd later if you wanted new tech. The 670 will beat a 580.

    I think the best thing is to use the 570 and after that, determine if SLI or 680/670 is the way to go.
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