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Thread: Overclocking on Ivy Bridge ...while undervolting???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
    Maybe so, go ahead and prime your chip 24/7 if you prefer. When ASUS and Intel say aida64 is optimized for this platform and recommend using it then that is what Ill be using for all stability testing.
    you nailed it. thats what i was thinking 2 hours ago when i saw that thread @ gskill forums about optimizing x79 boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sin0822 View Post
    SVID is serial VID, it is a digital bus between the CPU and the PWM(which is the control chip for the VRM) and it basically allows the CPu and the VRm to talk and pick the right voltage for the frequency. CPU can select its own voltage on the go, max is 1.52v, but it never picks that high. It was introduced on the Intel side with Sandy Bridge, it is what allowed people to just increase the multiplier to 4.2-4.5ghz without needing to change the voltage. it is also what makes DVID offset not so straight forward b/c you can't control your stock vcore and you can't disable SVID. Because of SVID your VID at 3.3ghz and your VID at 4ghz or 4.5ghz are going to differ.
    ahh that thing. yeah im familiar with it. made OCing without having to touch many voltages pretty easy. i have mine using an offset voltage so my idle is still under 1v and load is around 1.35v
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeepBeep2 View Post
    AIDA stress test IMO is a joke...
    So is Prime95 and IBT :p There's no ultimate stability tool. I got pretty elevated temps with AIDA, but Prime95 was even hotter...does that make Prime95 better ?

    Each tests has advantages, disadvantages. For RAM/IMC and CPU I currently use Y-cruncher. It's fast, but a pretty rough ride : vantage, CB, prime95 stable, yet Y-cruncher locks up or errors out... but it's not perfect either...

    I'm strongly against hours of torture with Prime and IBT tools... waste of time and cycles... quickly test it and if you have an issue in an app a small voltage bump usually solves it...
    But it's the E-peen level that boosted these programs : look Mum I can run 4800 at 1.375 and his can only do it at 1.38 : BIG DEAL !
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