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Thread: Getting busy again - UD7 sub zero?

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    Getting busy again - UD7 sub zero?

    Fired up the Kryotech and setting up UD7, its been a while since I went sub zero.
    There is a cold bug fix on this board? still looking, the docs show a jumper that is not there.
    Anyone gone sub zero on one of these? Looking and not much info yet.

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    Both Matose and me went subzero with the board and we both experienced coldboot issues. Matose around 0C, me first +15C, then -5C, then +10C.

    Not sure what BIOS Matose was on or if it's fixed with F4d. Also didn't spend too much time subzero, so no idea if there's a workaround for this issue. I had the worst CBB after CMOS clear, fwiw.
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    that is not good news, wonder if it is fixed in the newest beta bios as it is a serious issue.
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