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Thread: Finally!! Upgraded to a Galaxy S2 from a HTC hero. Advice please?

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    Finally!! Upgraded to a Galaxy S2 from a HTC hero. Advice please?

    Well....finally I got a chance to upgrade my phone after about 2 years of putting it off. This phone is simply amazing! I have been using a 3G HTC Hero phone for about the last 2.5yrs.....and that thing was like watching paint dry , trying to use it!

    I Have NEVER been able to download an app on my hero.....the phone was broke from day one! Hard to explain , but when i bought the thing , the firmware/hardware of some sort had an issue that even sprint mobile couldn't fix. Even last night when I got my new Galaxy S2.....I couldn't get any info transferred over.......sucks! Both shops asked me why I didn't return it (within warranty time ), which was my fault , but the local shop was giving me a run around story , it went out of business....and I got stuck with this phone.

    OK....now , I still have a lot to learn on this new phone ( it does so much I barely know where to start). Any pointers , apps , games , or anything else would be much appreciated! I want to take full advantage of this sucker. Also have to figure out how to hook it up to my computer. So if you guys know the software I'm supposed to get ( are some better than others?) can you point me in the right direction?

    I can't believe I'm this excited over a new phone.....but I haven't ever had a chance to play around with this new android stuff until now....pretty dang neat!

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    instal l cm7, better firmware and no wiretapping
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    I have samsung infuse. How do we get rid or block this carrier IQ?

    Quote Originally Posted by anubis View Post
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    also just got the Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

    Also bought a Sandisk 32GB mSDHC SDSDQ-032G-A11M and formatted to FAT32 and now reads 27.71

    now, I'm trying to transfer my mp3s and mp4s to this ex_sdcard. it appears to work when my transferring from PC to mSDHC, but once mounted into the Gal S2, there's no file in there.

    so rinse repeat the process, this time via USB from Gal S2, to the USB Music Folder, the mp3 file does appear. Unfortunately, this process takes another minute (on one mp3 file), because I have to "move" the mp3 from the USB Music Folder, "moved to" the ext_sdcard. I have many albums to transfers, and the thought of moving mp4 files, will drain the energy out of me.

    Is there a faster way?

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    I can't speak for rooting / different firmwares. However, I have a couple apps that I love and use on a daily basis.
    Pulse: RSS / news reader. Awesome app.
    Pocket: Download websites / articles to read later (whether or not you have service)
    Swipepad: app launcher
    Eye in the Sky: weather app
    Any.Do: Best to do app that is available for Android
    I've had my phone for three months and I still haven't done everything I want to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zanzabar View Post
    instal l cm7, better firmware and no wiretapping
    Yup I agree root it and replace the hosts file.... immediately.

    xda-developers is the place to go
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