I wanted to confirm the performance of my SSD's that are in a RAID array and make sure they are performing how they should.
SSD's are Corsair Force GT 120GB x 2 in a RAID 0. Motherboard is AsRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3.

Below are the the results from HD Tune Pro. If you wouldn't mind commenting on the performance (high, low, on par). I thought that the performance might look a little low but wasn't 100%. I wasn't sure if its the Intel controller limiting the drives or if this is exactly to be expected.

My access time appears to be double that of a single drive according to this review. Which shows a consistent 0.1 ms. I assume this is partly due to the RAID array.


I only used HD Tune cause it was simply and easy to use. I know there are some other benchmarks out there but not sure which one's are recommended.

Thanks in advance for your help.