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Thread: Sharing my OCZ PSU RMA Experience, my 1st RMA ever!

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    Sharing my OCZ PSU RMA Experience

    This is my first RMA for anything, I am a newbie to this. I just contacted OCZ to set up a RMA for my ModXStream 700W PSU. It seems everyone has had nothing but good RMA experience from them, lets see how things go.

    Timeline of events:

    7/22: Computer just turns off, boots up again and turns off. Dead. From the looks of what happened, I was sure the PSU went bad. Confirmed with a working PSU.

    7/25: Received a response from OCZ to RMA. I sent a copy of my invoice record from the online retailer I bought it from. (Dont have the shipping paper anymore) Now I am without a PSU until I get the new/refurb on from OCZ. Waiting for RMA approval.

    7/27: PSU Mailed out. Too bad they didn't ship one to me in advance. Looks like I will be without a working computer in the interim.

    8/2: They shipped it out. Looks good so far, will be expecting it in a week.
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