Members: if you are seeking a sponsorship from a vendor or manufacturer, please do not use XS's reputation to solicit the sponsorship, do so on your own reputation.

That is, show what you have done (completed build logs, tests, etc.) to deserve to be sponsored. Being an active member of XS should not be a qualification, let alone a primary qualification.

If you do not have a solid history of builds or tests, you should probably not even mention XS in your solicitation.

Vendors: what you do with your product and who you choose to sponsor is your decision, but XS Staff cautions against sponsoring members who have no known completed build logs, test reports, etc. Too many times builds haven't finished, or even been started, by members with no previous worklogs.

Everyone: if you have a grievance with a member or a vendor regarding a sponsorship, all private avenues should be exhausted before making a thread on XS regarding the matter. Feel free to contact myself or Shazza via PM if you think you need guidance with an issue.