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Thread: Integer benchmark

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    Jan 2011

    Integer benchmark

    I'm looking for people special with Intel Xeon 5600 Nahalem series 2 x 6 core versions and AMD Opteron 6000 series 12 core versions and Intel Sandy Bridge CPU's like i5-2500k, i7-2600k and Intel mobile CPU's like i3-330UM/380UM, i5-520UM, 540UM and i7-620UM who like to run my integer benchmark other CPU's and OC are also welcome.

    For best results run first "Quick test" then "Normal test" then submit online or offline with copy and paste.

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    Ok finished mine with 2x X5690's @4,2 GHz.
    Not sure I understood the result

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    Jan 2011
    Thanks you broke the old record with much less CPU's and cores!:

    2 x X5690 @ 3.47GHz at 4.201GHz 24 threads did test in 1.049 seconds 124.325x
    4 x L7555 @ 1.87GHz at 1.862Ghz 64 threads did test in 1.095 seconds 119.102x

    Your new record is 0.046 seconds quicker then the old record.
    The number direct after the time is speed compared to a single core one thread used 1.6GHz Atom N270 so your system is 124.325 times faster.

    There is a sort link above in the results table header to get the list sorted from quick to slow.

    I created this test because most multi-threaded applications use almost only integer calculations like chess, databases/search, compression.

    I didn't know the X5690 is already for sale is it a sample?
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