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Thread: My Windows 8 Boot Screen for Windows Vista

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    Cool My Windows 8 Boot Screen for Windows Vista

    What's up people?

    I just created this --BadAss-- boot screen for Vista. You know when you turn on the computer, and you see that green progress bar on a black background? Well, I have made a nice-looking Windows 8 Ultimate Edition image to replace that.

    Here's what it looks like:

    By sleepyg72786

    I have done all of the following steps on my computer, and I promise you that it is absolutely safe.

    >>> Anyway, you will need Tuneup Utilities 2010. You can go to their web site to check it out.

    >>> Now download my Boot Screen file, and it has detailed instructions on how to install the Boot Screen in it.

    If you have any questions, problems, anything, just let me know. And let me know how it looks!

    I should have done this to begin with, but I jumped the gun. Sorry for that. The main image is credited to the author, whoever posted it here:

    What I am sharing here is the boot screen, not actually the image. I would just like to make this clear to everyone. I created the boot screen for Tuneup Utilities 2010, not the actual image, except for the "Ultimate Edition" addition.

    Sorry if I cause any confusion or anything. =D
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