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Thread: K9ND speedster NO POST! Help~

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    K9ND speedster NO POST! Help~

    lets see... my problem began when the northbridge chip died on me. I heard it was quiet frequent in this mobo. using the warranty, i was able to get a replacement for free from MSI.
    I made a mistake and sent the mobo with 8mb bios chip so I had to buy one off the ebay again.
    when the mobo arrived, I put the stuffs back but no post...
    i thought it might be the cores or the rams.
    I then went off and bought a pair of quad cores and had the ecc reg rams from kingston RMAed (which got replaced for new ones).
    even after getting new parts, the pc still does not post.
    I even changed out my strider PSU for turbocool 850 ssi..

    *because the board did not boot and i was trying various things, I made a mistake of clearing CMOS jumper with the power on.. dumb mistake.

    I'm thinking about getting new bios chip too..
    gonna get my motherboard RMAed again

    any experts on this board??
    also are there any boards that support dual amd quads?


    current set up
    pair of barcelona 1.9 quad cores
    pair of 2.0ghz duo cores
    2 sticks of 2gb ecc reg 667mhz rams from kingston
    hd 4890
    turbo cool 850 ssi psu

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    Hey, you might want to repost this in the normal section. Nobody reads this little one.



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