Hi all.

Wonder if anyone can help me out.

Just assembled my pc with Q8200 cpu and TW3x4G1333C9 ram

With memtest, either stick of ram in any slot is fine no errors 100%

The problem Im seeing is when I put both sticks of ram into the board.

Memtest fails and system reboots 10 secs into the test. Ive tried this in both single and dual channel configuration.

Im running with default or Optimized defaults in Bios, The only change I've made is to update Bios to the latest version.

When the system fails more often than not its showing code 54 on the debug led. Reading this forum suggests ram setup..

Ive installed Vista 64 using just one stick of ram and the system seems rock solid. No errors, BSOD nothing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.