For Sale / Classifieds Access FAQ

  • I heard that there is a Classifieds section here. Is that true?

    Yes. We have the For Sale / Classifieds section here. You need to have 100 posts in order to gain access to the section. Spamming is not allowed!
  • I have 100 posts, but I don't see the section.

    Please wait for the server to update your account once you have reached 100 constructive posts.

    Note: We are tracking every member with less than 100 posts. If you are on your mission or spamming to 100 posts, then your access will be revoked automatically. Your access may be restored within 6~9 months.
  • Is there a way to bypass the post count minimum?

    Yes. We have a paid subscription option that will allow you to bypass the post count minimum. The subscription is $25 yearly. More information can be found here.