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Thread: AutoC plan

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    AutoC plan

    I have been toying with this for some time now.

    Have the following here right now.

    Compressor - Toshiba PG180X1T-4CZ (out of a 12000 BTU AC unit from Homebase currently gased with R407c)

    Condenser - Luve STVF47

    Lineset - Poitres job

    Gases - C02, R600a, R404a, R1150, R134a, RS24

    Is there chance i can use ether 2 of the gases i have to make a nice clean and simple AutoC with this 12000 BTU comp?
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    Well Auto Cascades are very difficult to tune, I hope your ready for it, personally I think your best bet for an auto cascade is R290 and C02 or like r404a and r23 the first being the cheapest route and out of the gases you listed I would think you may be able to do R600a, r404a and r1150 this mix may work but I hope someone could confirm this.
    Even if that mix works using ethelyne in a single stage auto C I heard is troublesome and even the more experienced guys have a hard time tuning them but it would be fun.
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    R600A and R1150 will work, going to need a long auxillary condenser on that one. And will work better if you could source some R14 for an additional stage (including another phase separator and heat exchanger)

    If you have a cooling question or concern feel free to contact me.

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