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Thread: AegisPanel dont show temp of Northbridge and System

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    AegisPanel dont show temp of Northbridge and System

    Hello , I have a MARS Mobo ,since I got this mobo ( last year ) I have never been able to see the temperature of System and temp of Northbridge in the Aegis Panel , the temp of northbridge and temp of System in the Aegis panel give N/A and N/A each , I RMA this mobo and with the brand new MARS mobo is the same exact problem again ( no readings for temp of Nothbridge and System ) Aegis Panel only give the temp of CPU , can you please tell me what can I do to get those temperatures , in the BIOS I can see the temperatures of System Northbridge and CPU , thank you very much for the help

    I have BIOS version = P12
    Aegis Panel version =

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    What does Everest point out?

    System (Aegis Panel) = Aux (Everest)
    NB (Aegis Panel) = Motherboard (Everest)

    Regards LordIT

    Board: Foxconn Mars, BIOS G30
    CPU: C2D E4400 2x2,0Ghz (200x10) 1,32V @2,0Ghz(200x10) @1,06V(ratio 10) @0,92V(ratio 6)
    Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S983
    RAM: 2 x 1 GB Cell Shock CS2110650, D9GMH, @Mushkin XP2-8500 @800Mhz (1:4e ) @1,92V @4-4-4-8 @Performance Level 2
    Power: BE Quiet Straight Power 600W
    HDD: 2x Samsung HD403LJ 400 GB SATA-II, AHCI
    Grafics: PowerColor 512MB X1950Pro Extreme PCIe
    Burner: Pioneer DVR-212
    Case: Aerocool AeroEngine JR
    OS: XP Professional Edition x64 SP2

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