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Thread: Suggestions for P55 Socket 1156

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    Quote Originally Posted by saaya View Post
    static protection chip? huh?
    that doesnt really make sense, you cant use a single chip to safe an antire board against static discharges ^^
    must be some marketing mumbo jumbo... still interesting, can you linke me to it?

    the ETA of FlamingBlade is in a few weeks, anywhere between 2 and 6, depends on how many surprising delays our colleagues in china come up with this time ^^
    the ETA of P55 and 1156 is August 2009 more or less, and it depends on Intel to decide when exactly to launch it...
    FlamingBlade will be less than 200$... and itll have most of the nice features of BR, looks very similar, and have almost the same bios...

    4 pciE 16x
    1 pciE
    1 PCI
    1 HDA slot for the Sonar XiFi

    2 pciE 16x
    1 pciE 4x
    1 pciE 1x
    2 PCI

    im not sure about the pwm specs, i dont want to post something wrong, ill post something later

    compared to P55/1156, well basically look at the boards you see at cebit right now, its gonna be like that... but better
    The main difference is 2 channel memory, and only 16 pciE lanes going directly to the cpu...
    Dont get too excited, that wont mean a speed boost from what ive seen so far

    775 holes will be on the FB and on the P55 board as well, and XiFi, yes, sure, bundled cards would be better, but half of the people here seem to be more than happy with onboard sound and i dont think they would pay extra for a card they dont use/want... and those who want a xifi most likely already have one... so then again they wouldnt want to pay extra for something they dont want/need...

    oc panel wont be bundled with FB or P55, no... OC panel is a standalone drive bay panel and will be sold seperately... before you ask, i dont know
    i already asked a dozen times when itll finally be for sale
    Well i know its a bit off but would it be worth it to get the FB instead of the BR given it is available of course, if i use the computer for midcore not so frequent gaming, best chance i have is 295 sli although unlikely and most probably some bench?

    And to not stay so off, i would really prefer the two troubleshooting "screens" on the mobo to be something like the LCD poster, and the sata to be like the BR helps with cable management for the few of us that dare think to use it for 24/7.

    Also the link you requested from asus's official website:

    (1) Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD):
    ESD protection devices divert a potentially damaging charge away from sensitive circuitr
    Also since you obviously answered the obvious question about the o/c panel regarding the ETA, ill bring up my second question which is about it's pricing and from where one can find it after it has been released.

    Also i did notice that the w/ced mobo is not an available option on the FB, however i believe it is quite a smart idea you had there and i most certainly would like it, at least the w/c option if not the L/n /Dice pot

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    Quote Originally Posted by stangracin2 View Post
    parents only blame stuff on video games because they don't know how to play them

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    Quote Originally Posted by saaya View Post
    ill forward that
    but this is not really helpful, its like telling foxconn to have the first board on the market, have it perfect and everything 100% working and compatible on day1 of the release, have all features, the best ocing results and the lowest price
    i hope you don't understand me wrong, but the best board does not help me if i can't buy it, and the BR FE is still not available in EU

    Anyway i would like to have
    -dual bios on a socket with jumper select like the destroyer -->i love it
    -EFI Bios would be cool and would be unique
    -5million temp sensors on the NB SB ect etc
    -power- reset- CL cmos-buttons, debug led in a new color.. blue? ( during "normal operation" it could show the cpu or NB temp BTW)
    -black PCB
    -remove IDE, floppy
    -easy and save bios flash with USB (not in win)

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    an honest pciX16 2 of them
    1 honest pcieX8 slot

    for a total total of 3

    and midgets ?? well it a well known fact thay overclock better eazer to handel and dont overheat
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    OCZ Vertex SSD thanks Tony!
    *QUANTUM FORCE* saaya & sham rocks !
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    Quote Originally Posted by KME View Post
    ^^ Looks tasty, we really need a not that extreme high end x58 board, that would help for the crunchers that just want the OC and performance forget tri sli. It's great to have all your markets covered as best you can.

    well x58 isnt needed for crunchers since 1366 offers better ocing and more memory bandwidth and more pciE slots, all of which is not that important for crunching... i think 1156 will be great for crunchers once the cheap 1156 cpus come out. a few months after launch there should be 200$ quadcore 1156 cpus with hyper threading, which will be amazing bang for the bug processors.

    Im not sure how much the 6core 12 thread cpus for 1366 will cost, but they might make 1366 and with it FlamingBlade very attractive
    And again so far nobody knows how the final 1156 cpus will overclock, how much cache/cores they will have and how they willbe priced. so its not easy to tell how well 1156 will kick off... right now the market is saturated with well performing processors and the only way for intel to push 1156 out is by making it cheap... if they make it cheap and it overclocks well, then itll take off, if its just cheap then it will take off in the mainstream market but performance and highend will remain on 1366... in either case we have a very nice board for both sockets

    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    1. matx
    interesting point, forgot to make a poll about that!
    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    2. onboard x-fi/zii/auzentech whatever's best
    onboard xifi as such doesnt make sense, the real xifi audio chips are too expensive, the value xifi chip is a renamed ancient part that is much worse than realtek and other codecs. the only implementation of xifi that makes sense if via the driver, and thats what we did and will continue to do as people seem to really like the added features for the price they pay, whether they use them or not.
    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    3. loose legacy controllers like floppy,ide,ps/2....
    working on it! it CAN backfire on you tho if you dont do it properly and hastily, remember gigabyte were the first to remove ps2 and now they went back to ps2 keyboard and mouse... and intel got rid of a second NIC and ps2 and floppy and shot themselves in the foot with it as well getting bad feedback for it...
    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    4. 802.11n wifi support
    i made a poll and it seems barely anybody is interested, especially with draft-n still not matured and coming out soon making any integrated wifi obsolete...
    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    5. bluetooth support
    yeah, thats an interesting one and im checking out if its possible!
    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    6. good color combination like in bloodrage.. black/orange maybe
    well black orange is what digital life is using, our media center/workstation boards. we were the first to use black and red in this way with BloodRage and have been copied already and i heard there will be more boards insipred by BloodRage, so we really hit the nail on the head design wise there and wont move on and try something new right away
    Quote Originally Posted by geo View Post
    7. onboard led indicators
    what do you mean?
    those led scales going from green to orange to red depending on how much voltage your using on mem/cpu like on gigabyte boards?

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    Instead of voltage read points, perhaps voltage readout headers would be more useful. A very minor thing that should not add to the cost.
    Memtest or something similar in the BIOS, perhaps a small Linux install that you can use for stress testing could be helpful. Get rid of the useless crap like FDD, IDE, PS2, Firewire etc. Increase SATA ports from 8 to 10.
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