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Thread: Block fusion of Maximus Extreme

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    Block fusion of Maximus Extreme


    I do not know if this is the right place to post it ^ ^

    the "block fusion" of the Maximus Extreme is rather LPDC or HPDC (less restrictive or very restrictive)

    Watercooler wishing my config, I do not know which will be the best

    thank you

    PS: sorry for my english

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    i am a bit confused as to what exactly your question is. but i will assume is about the restriction.

    to my knowledge, asus fuzion blocks are rather restrictive and of low quality. i have a asus blitz formula and it has its own fuzion block. it seems to be restrictive and doesnt really affect my overclocks.i am not sure if thats the case with the maximus...
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    ok, thank you for your reply.

    Indeed, whether I wanted to "block fusion" was very restrictive or if the contrary it was not at all restrictive

    thank you

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