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Thread: Found 3 bent pins on Z87-G43

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    Found 3 bent pins on Z87-G43

    Hello. I have a 3 years old motherboard MSI Z87-G43 and i7 4770k. The CPU cooler is Zalman Performa 10. While replacing thermal paste on my CPU today I noticed that I have 3 bent pins in left down corner... I have no idea how and when they were bent. Was it manufacturing defect? Was it my fault? Or maybe these 3 pins were supposed to be bent? Because they were bent really accurate. Please help me! I don't know what to do. I figure out that I'll ask here before doing anything stupid. My PC boots without any issues and I even passed 1 hour linx stability test. I don't have a good camera, but here is some pictures:

    All other pins are fine, but only these are bent. Every accurate like they are supposed to be... But they are not, right?..

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    I think its normal for that socket
    if you don't see any abnormal behaver like mem,cpu clocks, then its seems that normal
    BTW you did remove the cpu though,,,,,did you test again if all works fine?

    check if cpu pins pad accommodate those 3 pins on the socket
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