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Thread: MICRON DDR3 Reference SPDs for memory problems

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    MICRON DDR3 Reference SPDs for memory problems

    Hey guys,

    If your memory doesnt boot with a certain BIOS version or doesnt work stable at its rated speed, or doesnt oc very well, feel free to try these SPD files.

    These are pretty much microns reference SPDs, so they should work on any board with any BIOS version. Some people reported that this ref bios actually helped them reach higher ocs than the default SPDs of their OC Brand memories with higher speed profiles and tweaked timings
    As a result i chose to equip all DDR3 Kits with these SPDs when i still worked at CellShock, and I havent heard of any SPD related issues ever since, and the Kits seem to overclock really well on all Boards.

    You can flash theese SPDs with w1zzards spd tool:

    Hope this helps

    I recommend you to make a backup of your current SPD first, and only try a new SPD on one stick of memory first and check if you can boot with it before flashing both sticks of your memory Kit.

    These SPDs are for Micron based 1GB Sticks, you can try them on other sticks and they might work, but I never tried this, and if the SPD doesnt work, you might have to RMA the memory to get the SPD reprogrammed.

    After you flashed the SPD use CPUz to read the SPD and make sure its programmed propperly. If the SPD shows any weird numbers or timings, flash the SPD again before you reboot.

    If the memory doesnt boot after you flashed the SPD, reset the BIOS. If that doesnt help either then put a stick with a known to work SPD into slot 1 or 2 and the stick that doesnt boot anymore into slot 3 or 4, you can usually boot that way and then reflash the bad SPD.
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    Should these work for micron 2gb sticks?



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