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Thread: need advice for dual perhaps triple loop system parts order.

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    need advice for dual perhaps triple loop system parts order.

    Ok here is what i have:

    Arctic spider 775 tec block (2 in 2 out)
    einheim600 with alphacool submerged pump station
    inifinate supply of effecient car heatercores. would prefer 3 max though.
    a spare horrible cream pc case that may come in useful.
    a spare meanwell 320-12 (as well as my 600-24 for arctic spider)

    Here is what i want to do:
    Cool the Arctic spider effeciently in one loop.
    Cool the gpu,mosfet,northbridge in another loop (or 2 if recomended but
    would prefer one loop if possible.

    things i want to get:
    - 1/2" id tubing and pump and perhaps bettter nozzles for arctic spider
    - 3/8" id tubing, gpu block, nb block, mosfet block
    considering the silverprop tec block as i have a spare meanwell 320?....
    maybe ram blocks if i thought i would get higher mhz keeping stock

    What i am asking you?:
    well the size of project and range of parts i need has me a bit overwhelemd so i am looking for advice on what to get for the system.

    i have one idea of putting all the t lines pumps and rads into my old case and sealing it totally with 2 x120mm fans on top and 2 on the other side pulling ambient temp air constantly though the case.

    my sysstem specs are q6600, abit AB9 Quad gt, 4gb ocz 6400 15-4-4-4, radeo x1900xtx.

    any help to give me some direction would be great! thanks.

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    any help?

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    How much do you have to spend?

    I am a first time builder, and I liked the WaterKegIII Xtreme for already being built for me, and the high quality of parts involved.

    You only have to pick out your water blocks then.

    I know the feeling of looking at all the products, and thinking how am i going to get through all the info.
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