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Thread: Barcelona appears on SETI

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    Barcelona appears on SETI

    Analyzing work unit IDs
    Here, 8 1.9GHz K10s take ~twice as long as 2 2.66GHz Core 2s.
    8 1.9ghz k10s are a very bit faster than 2 2.2ghz k8s
    here, reverse, k10s a bit slower.

    Quite strange. So I take it Barcelona isn't a SETI monster and that SETI doesn't care for cores.

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    cool thanks for the links

    Xtremesystems "XIP" Requirements

    check out "XS REVIEWS"

    Want me to believe your hardware review? Show me a receipt

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    I think the links are not working any more, because everytime I click on them, I get an "unable to handle request" error. That's sad because I'm interested in the power of these CPUs. Does anyone have new and/or working links?

    OT: *wave* @ JAWS!

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    You can never have enough D9's.

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    Here's a random result, 2 1.86GHz Conroe cores beats 8 2GHz K10, about 3x as fast.

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    Anyone know what the SETI client apps do in terms of types of calculations. What I mean is, are they floating point or integer intensive?

    What I'd really like to see is how an oc'd Opteron 23xx does on a WCG (drug discovery, not climate) work unit when boinc manager is running only WCG client apps.

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    must realize that there are optimized apps for those c2ds
    no optimized apps for k10 though
    Seti@Home Optimized Apps
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    pretty low score, why not higher? kingpin gets 40k in 3dmark05 and 33k in 06 and 32k in vantage performance...

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