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Thread: New build suggestion

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    New build suggestion

    Since my X5670 died, and don't want to spend money on older technology, thinking of a 10 core or so cpu. The threadripper series cpu's seems cost efficient when it comes to crunching but intel 10 core older tech doesn't look to bad. Never built a AMD system before and heat issues seems to be issues with this chip, not sure which way to go. On a budget so looking for suggestions.

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    Theese Ryzen 3900X chips seem to be great bang for the buck chips. Haven't really looked into Intel since my i7-2600k lol. Went straight from that to a Ryzen 2700X then to a 3900X. Learning curve, but looks to be worth it I think?
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    If you are going HEDT, I think AMD is the way forward. I've been on mainstream the last 4 years, so I've stayed with Intel as they still feel more plug and play to me. But lately the Ryzen 3 series look darn tempting. For bang for the buck 3700X on an X470 mobo would be a powerful set up.
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    I love my Ryzen 3900X. Using the stock HSF and don't have any issues with heat. The 7nm chips just run at temperatures a little warmer than we're used to, but it's completely fine.
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    My 5930k has been hurting with the security patches. I dont think I would go for anything intel HEDT at this point. I looked at getting an older xeon to drop in, but anything ddr4 has a huge price premium on the used market.
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