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Thread: Bitcoin On The Rise Again, Hits New All-Time High

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    Bitcoin On The Rise Again, Hits New All-Time High,35677.html

    Bitcoin, the grandfather of the cryptocurrency market, continues to rise to unprecedented highs. The controversial digital currency platform is now valued at more than $5,000 per unit.
    This has been a banner year for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with a handful of other less well-known cryptocurrencies, enjoyed meteoric rises in value. In just over a year, Bitcoin has risen nearly 1,000%, and Ethereum enjoyed similar gains over the course of the year.
    The rapid rise in the value of these alt-coins spurred a ton of controversy this year. The days of mining Bitcoin with your GPU are long behind us, but Ethereum?s Ethash algorithm is well suited for GPU-based mining. When Ethereum?s value rose to triple digits, people started buying up GPUs by the truckload, which caused a worldwide shortage of graphics cards and prompted AMD to change its marketing strategy for Vega to avoid runaway pricing.
    Bitcoin also had its fair share of ups and downs, the most recent of which happened in early September. At the beginning of the month, Bitcoin seemed poised to break the $5,000 mark for the first time, but on September 14, BTC China, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the region, announced that it would shut down on September 30. The announcement kicked off a panic sell from people trying to get their money out before the exchange closed down, which caused the global value of Bitcoin to plummet. In a matter of hours, Bitcoin?s value tanked by more than $550, and it continued to drop for the remainder of the day. In the wee hours or September 15, Bitcoin was trading for as low as $3,072.

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