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Thread: Enermax vs. Corsair vs. OCZ

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    Enermax vs. Corsair vs. OCZ

    I have to choose between Enermax Liberty 620W, Corsair HX 620W or OCZ GameXStream 700W SLI.

    I have a good eye to the Corsair but im not sure what would be best.
    It shal not run anything xtream.

    Hit me

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    Personaly i recomend the enermax or the corsair , stay away from ocz powerstreams , i killed two without knowing how.
    My personal choice goes to the corsair , but that is more personal then anything , both psu are fantastic

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    Right now im sitting with the Enermax, but it has a defect, it makes electrical sparkles when i switch it on, withs isnent very nice . Besides that its a relay nice PSU, especially the sleeving is very nice.
    But again im attracted to the Corsair, nice and quirt look, and should be rock stable.

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    I'm more partial to the Corsair because of the beefy 12v lines
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    I have only one thing to say: Corsair

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    I killed a Enermax Liberty 620W a while ago (don´t know why..). Bought another one and this still works^^. And i think i´d go for it again because it´s really good and stable. But the Corsair should also be nice
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    Both the Corsiar HX620 and the OCX GXS700w are equally good.

    Pick what you want.

    Corsair is modular, has a quiet fan, is efficient.

    OCZ is more powerful, isn't modular, has an LED but loud fan, is efficient.

    They both have pro's and con's.

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    Corsair or Seasonic.
    The Corsairs are made by Seasonic anyway, but they cost less and have modular cables(just like the Seasonic M*).
    If you need more power than the Corsair can deliver, get yourself a Seasonic M12-700 or SS-650HT.

    Enermax Liberty aren't bad either, but the Seasonics are quieter, that's why I buy them.
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    Well I've personally had all 3 and have fitted many more to customers PC's I find the Corsair to be the best followed by the OCZ then quite a way back the Enermax, the Enermax's rails moved more than the other 2 and 3 Libertys have now failed out of 18 that I have fitted one in my own PC, they all failed the same big bang then on one of them a piece of a ceramic capacitor fell out of it. I will not be using any more of the 620 Libertys although I think the 850 and 1000 units are very good.
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    C O R S A I R

    it's made of win and ponies.

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    also 5 years warranty

    the overall package of the Corsair at this power range is hard to beat..
    For all your cooling needs:
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    When DFI-street was still up, the Corsair 620W was Happy_Games choice of PSU, so I would go for that.
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