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Thread: Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD

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    Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD


    The world changed a lot when we entered lockdown, or whatever your local equivalent of that was. With so many of us transitioning to working from home, homeschooling, or simply just being at home more? you can relate, I'm sure. The demand for good quality webcams exploded for work meetings, school, and just those weekend Zoom quizzes with the family. Just about every camera sold out immediately. Fortunately, the rush has died down, and quality webcams are back on the menu, such as the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD I have in for review today. Of course, the modern world may have changed how many of us use our computers, but this webcam was really designed for live streaming and gaming. However, it's certainly not limited to that. It features a 4K camera, which can deliver 4K30 video output, and uses the fantastic Sony IMX258. With a 78-degree Viewing angle lens, and Auto Focus/ Auto Light Correction you should be able to get setup and capturing with minimal effort.

    On paper, it looks like a nice webcam, but what is it actually like? After giving the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD a week of use when live-streaming, it's time for the review.

    Packaging & Contents

    Sandberg has an easily recognizable package design in which the half side of each box is entirely blue, while all others are mainly black. The box has a clear photo of the Cam on the front of the box, as well as a couple of badges showing us it's 4K and features.

    At the rear of the box we see a description of the product printed in many languages right above the contents and specifications lists.

    Some photos of the web camera at all sides.

    In the box, there's the camera, USB-C Female cable, and documentation.

    A Closer Look

    The camera does look pretty awesome, and keep in mind, it's not particularly cheap, so I'm happy to say it does look and feel like a premium quality product. The front is black, covered in glass which protects the camera lens. The main body of the webcam is plastic. The top, sides and back of the camera are covered in a metal silver coating which feels great in the hand, not that you'll be holding if often. This finish and curved edges give it a dignified aesthetic that would be suitable for work, without making it look drab and boring next to your tricked out gaming home computer. Alongside this impressive glass camera lens, you get a SONY IMX258 4K UHD sensor. It automatically adjusts the lighting to make sure you look great in shot.

    There's a USB-C port on the back, which you must connect to a USB 3.0/2.0 port. I'm happy to report that the cable on the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is detachable, so you can replace it with the connector of your choosing. There's a Logitech logo printed in black, and not much else.

    It can be mounted to the top of your monitor, thanks to its built-in stand that slips out to balance/clamp it in place. However, it does have a standard tripod screw mount, so it'll work with a vast array of stands and grips.

    The size of the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is almost twice that of other webcams. Though, the overall design doesn't make it too bulky for most monitors or laptops nowadays.

    For me, it fits well enough on my 27-inch, monitor. Thanks to its mount, it can easily grab a hold of most video chassis.

    Two microphones are built in and these provide noise cancellation.


    First off, the camera is incredibly easy to install. As soon as I plugged the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD into my computer, Windows 10 installed it before I got in front of my monitor. I didn't have to worry about installing bloated software, drivers, or anything of that nature. The webcam was ready to use almost instantly. Although the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD doesn't come with software, Windows 10 has a control panel that easily works with the camera. I am able to make all kinds of adjustments from color correction to panning and zooming. Finer controls over the camera require a third-party application - like Open Broadcasting Software, which required some tinkering from the software. It's a simple application, with settings as specific as white balance, contrast, focus, color temperature, and as broad as zoom, pan, and brightness. Considering the high price point and resolution, we hoped for more professional controls in software. Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD work with a variety of collaboration platforms, including Skype for Business, MS Teams, Zoom Meetings, Fuze, and Cisco Jabber. Right now, there aren't many ways you can use the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD at its full 4K resolution. There aren't a ton of apps and services that stream in 4K, and you need a 4K monitor to truly appreciate the picture. I called my colleagues in Skype for Business and HipChat, and although they admired the white balance and 78-degree camera angle, they saw me in only 1080p -- not 4K. You could live stream 4K to YouTube if you had enough bandwidth. You could also record locally in 4K and upload later to platforms that can handle video at that resolution. But until apps and services that support 4K are available widely (and lots of people own 4K monitors), the ultra-high-resolution aspect of the camera will not be immediately useful, and it will shine instead.

    While we don't normally expect a lot from a webcam, Sandberg's efforts have done wonders to change that reputation. The USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD set a new standard for webcams with great picture quality. The camera is capable of running at 4K 30fps and 1080 60fps. With way more pixels, and depth-sensing, the USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD should improve upon that excellence with sharp picture quality. As with any camera, it's even sharper if you add more light to your subject. Your face is well lit and there is no dark zone in the picture. For one thing, I was impressed that it displayed my actual skin tone without messing around with the settings. But what really blows me away is how much more crisp the background. At 1080p-60 FPS gameplay looks excellent. Plus, you get to benefit from the full 60 FPS frame rate, which is awesome for modern gaming streamers, as you'll be in sync with most of the gameplay you're streaming, and it'll provide a more gamer-friendly experience. Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD has a 78-degree diagonal field of view, which could be limiting in some scenarios. For those who require a wider angle, we'd recommend that you consider a collaboration bar - these bring a lower video quality, but better angular flexibility. The sound quality is also outstanding with the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD. Sometimes this is overlooked when considering a webcam, and of course your best bet for videoconferencing is a headset. But the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD's dual mics with noise-canceling capability can, in many cases, eliminate the need for a conferencing headset. The sound is natural, and background noise doesn't get amplified, as it sometimes does with inferior mics of other webcams.

    Final Thoughts

    The Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is a welcome addition to the market right now. There's really not much competition for 4K gaming/streaming webcams, and anything that drives competition is good for consumers. The USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD from Sandberg is a great addition, not only for remote workers that want to step up their game with regards to the video quality they project to their peers or for the streamer that wants to increase the quality of his setup without the need for expensive pro hardware. Featuring a flush glass front and a rigid plastic casing, the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is ostensibly well-made: it looks like premium hardware. This webcam allows for a much better video quality, resolution and with its capabilities, it offers a well-rounded image quality and allows for a ton of light to be caught by the sensor. Couple the 4K output with the 78-degree angle SONY IMX258 lens and you have a versatile camera that delivers a fantastic experience in many different scenarios. It gets an USB C connection that delivers fast and high quality transmission. The dual microphones offer impressive audio quality to match the picture, making this an excellent choice for video conferencing. If anything, the USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is a bit too future-proof. Most users who pick one up won't end up recording at 4K, because it's too resource-intensive, especially for livestreaming, and the software support for high-resolution video capture is still lacking. Depth-sensing technology is also a huge value add, and one that will continue to see stronger support over the years. There aren't too many problems with the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD, and the issues I found are hardly worth mentioning. The only thing that you need to keep in mind, and which is usually true for all cameras and webcams, is the lighting quality. You can never have enough light in the room. The second thing on the list is the lack of dedicated software.

    It must be stated that the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is definitely not for everyone. However, the USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD basically doesn't want to be for everyone either. It is not meant to appeal to the masses, but to set the bar high enough to be an option for enthusiasts. This target group is about quality and features, not so much about the price. And it is precisely in this field that Sandberg scores with the USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD. Properly staged, the streaming cam cuts an outstanding figure and scores with rich detail, color reproduction and recording quality. In times when streaming is becoming more and more professional, it definitely meets the spirit of the times and is recommended for ambitious content creators. You'll look great, but you'll look better when your friends have 4K displays with software that supports 4K video chats. The Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is priced at $197.99. For that price, you need to be getting a true flagship product that stands above the competition. Thankfully, the Sandberg USB Webcam Pro Elite 4K UHD is able to exceed the quality and features of any other webcam I've used. It even comes close to matching the quality you get from midrange mirrorless and DSLR solutions, which are much more expensive.

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