A Terry Pratchett quote That I hope holds true for me

There may be some that wonder what happened so

First diagnosed cancer Oct 19 Prepped in Nov, Treated in December.
By mid 2020 I knew that it had started to spread so a new treatment started not to stop it but to slow it down.
By end of year it was clearly not working
So my friends, it is soon to be goodbye.
I have been told that my life expectancy is short
My consultant has suggested that typically with people in my situation 25% will live for less than 4 months, 50% will live for 4 to 8 months and 25% may live a bit longer.
Clearly then I need to make preparations and one of those is saying my goodbyes
I met a whole bunch of good guys on this forum I am pleased to say, so a truly happy experience
If you think of me then hug your kids and grandkids just a little more and keep a smile for me.
It comes to us all ......just a bit sooner than I hoped for me

I remain a forum friend