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Thread: Been away for awhile, What would be the best graphics card I can put on my old LGA775

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    Been away for awhile, What would be the best graphics card I can put on my old LGA775

    Hi guys I've been away for a very long time from the PC scene

    Can you please tell me what's the best graphics card I can put on my old QX6700 LGA775 system?

    I don't want to put a card that will be bottle necked with my CPU or memory, all are as on my sig

    My plan is to just slap on a SSD and R290x is that possible with the LGA775 ?

    Thanks a bunch
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    If the q6700 is stock, that's a massive bottleneck. The R290X will struggle, even with an OC. Even an R7 260 will have some bottlenecking.

    I think in general, don't invest in a high end SSD. Your sata 2 ports will bottleneck most newer ssds.

    It's hard to upgrade everything but the mobo/cpu. Having a 7 year old system will limit you. If you have the budget, do a new build.
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    just get a used 280x it will be cheap and a massive boost to power without needed to worry about upgrading everything.

    if you are set on spending 290x+ssd money (+/-600$) you would see a bigger performance boost by doing 160$ for used 280x get a samsung 840 evo and new board and cpu.

    (on top of the fact, I owned a qx6700, that thing was easily the worst cpu ive ever owned.)

    whoa you live in dubai! you should just build computer out of solid gold. :P (thats my western generalization of that area)
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