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Thread: RMA 1 stick Dominator GTX2

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    RMA 1 stick Dominator GTX2


    I've never rma'ed corsair products before.
    Purchased these (2 sticks) back in 2009 directly from the e-shop and they've always been great and almost always flawless for me. Mostly used with AMD cpus countless times and haven't been freezed or overvolted excessively.
    However, I've used them with LN2-cooled CPUs, but it's kind of expected for users who purchased this kind of hardware.
    I'm an honest person and not going to lie. Here's the case:

    I was running a X4 965 cpu yesterday on LN2 and air-cooled 2x2GB GTX2. This cpu has a very bad IMC, so the mems were running at a mere 916MHz 6-6-6-18-15 1T 1.725V.
    After 4 or so hours of benching turned off the system, disconnected everything and dried the motherboard. Today, I wanted to prepare everything again, but one stick is not recognized at all and doesn't work.
    It had happened before, but usually after some slot switching it finally comes up. Not sure if it's the same stick, but might be. Contacts of this particular stick are worn out more than on the other one.
    It might be a bad contact, but most probably it's dead. I have any chance Corsair accepts the RMA or I'm screwed?
    Any chance if accepted I receive another GTX2 module which I know is discontinued, but really only one stick is useless, I need dual-channel.
    The other option would be if there's a dead element which could be replaced, I'd be happy to have it running again...but I can't do that alone. I don't want other kits that I won't use.

    In fact, these are the only GTX2 modules in Bulgaria or at least I don't know about others. Sometimes it's extremely hard to find an enthusiasts hardware here, plus the taxes for high-priced products from USA are very high.
    I paid taxes worth another GTX2 module back in 2009.
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    Does it test okay after it shows up?
    They might accept the RMA but you won't get a GTX2 module back, maybe GTX8 or whatever crap is selling now.
    I don't know if they would attempt repair either, but theoretically it is possible...

    Nobody from Corsair really responds here anymore afaik so you are probably out of luck.



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