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Thread: Crossfire performance & CPU Scaling

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    Exclamation Crossfire performance & CPU Scaling

    How much of a bottleneck should I expect when using 2x 5870's in crossfire with a Q9650 @ 4ghz?
    I know I can expect some, but I am wondering if it would be worth the 400-500$ investment sandy setup sooner rather then later?

    This would be in comparison to a sandy 2500K in the 4-4.4 ghz range. All at 1900x1200.

    I will upgrade eventually anyway, but if the performance gap is significant enough I will upgrade sooner.
    I have found some reviews on the web, but they all used the older Kentsfield based quads and not the Yorkfield ones, and show some suprising numbers such as a e8600 beating a q6700 with crossfire'd 5870s.

    Can anyone she some light on this? Hopefully somethat that has made a similar upgrade (q9650 to 2500k)?

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    Not much of a bottleneck, really. Should be alright.
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    it will tie you over till Bulldoozer......hopefully it is out around september16ish... Cant wait.. I wanna do ES or even Write a review.
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    For gaming having that CPU @4Ghz does not worth another cpu/mobo/ram upgrade.

    $400-500 to spend? --> HD7990 (sell your 5870's to some bitcoin fan and you upgrade for free)
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    going to an oced 2500k or 2600k would boost your minimum Frame rates for sure but im not sure it's worth a huge upgrade ATM, wait or BD numbers or SB-E or IB is you can wait that long. If you JUST gaming the difference won't be huge.
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    Thanks for all the help.

    I think I will keep my current core sys and just eek a few more mhz out of it, its got the headroom i just never fiddled with it.

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    HD7990 details are still too thin on the ground, and frankly what is out now looks fake.
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