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Thread: New waterblock for gigabyte x58 UD5

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    New waterblock for gigabyte x58 UD5

    There will be an new waterblock for the gigabyte x58 UD5 so all cards will fitt.

    I have bought this motherboard 3/4 weeks ago. And then i find out the problem with the stock North bridge heatsink that blocks the upper slots of this board.

    I need to use that slots for my config.

    I want to put in de first slot an PCi-express soundcard.
    Then i need the second slot for the ageia physx pci-express 1x card.

    The first 16 pci-express will be for the first videocard. And the second for the second videocard (I want only to run SLI of crossfire with 2 card and no more..)

    The last slot i want to use it for an Raid pci-express 8x card to connect four OCZ 60GB Vertex SSDs..

    So i contacted a few companys..

    Koolance has no plans for it (they where busy with the block for the EVGA board)

    Also EK hasn`t no plans for it.

    So then i contacted MIPS. And they mailed my back.

    So i gave my idea to make an better block.

    And now they are busy to make an new one for the gigabyte UD5 motherboard.

    I Love MIPS.

    The mails i getting back:

    hello robin,
    many thanks for your request.

    please check the following points:

    our freezer has 15mm height + height of the x58 nb at this place, is their
    enough height space for any cards in slot 1 or 2 ??

    if it is, then we could try to place the connection between the x1 and x4 slot.

    all other solutions needs a complete redesign and a bigger block.

    we was thinking about your idea.
    13mm thickness could maybe work but 12.5mm not with Pom material.
    When we make the block 13mm thick then you can not take more material with the lathe.
    There is no more material to take out. If so we could do it by our self.

    We can also not guaranty that 13mm thickness will work because at some points there will be only 0.5mm material remaining.
    This area is not forced with pressure but 0.5mm is very weak by this kind of material and bates the remaining material.
    The middle plate and upper plate from Pom with 5mm thickness insteed of 6mm could cause problems for the sealing because the material is not so strong.
    This we have to take a look for if it works.

    The flow section decrease also a little bit.

    If there is no 13mm space then we can forget it !

    we still working on it.
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    And i have good news;

    we will make a sample and when it works we go into production, but we need
    around 1-2 weeks because of heavy load on the machines
    we will use nearly the same copperplate, so the sata2 chips will be also cooled

    Michael Franke
    MIPS Computer GmbH
    Königsberger Str. 29
    D-71696 Möglingen
    HRB206613 Handelsregister Stuttgart
    Geschäftsführer: Michael Franke
    Steuernummer: 71 339 11406
    U-Ident: DE226592848

    So there will be a new block for the gigabyte UD5.

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    Those are very good news.

    I'm buying one for sure for my new EX58-UD5.

    Thanks to MIPS!

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    It's good to see your email was taken seriously.

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    I've had wonderful experiences with gigabyte motherboard and was looking at that x58 board in sli, but because no waterblocks were available in the states, I decided to go with Asus.
    Evga has really good tech support, but I've had absolutely horrible luck with their boards

    That gigabyte board is sexy
    Maybe Ncix can get that mips block in stock
    Asus P6T, I7-920, 6gb ocz xmp, 4890, Raid 0-1 Terabyte, full watercooled - Triple Loop 5 radiators

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    Good news for the owners

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    Something of topic,
    I have wanted to get some gigabyte mombos but i find them so ugly. They have such weird combos of color. Thats why I always chose Asus over them. Why cant they make a motherboard that is a little bit more discreet?

    I am still waiting for a black motherboard with only 2 colors. Black and white. This would look awesome in my mind. White pci-e and stuff and motherboard slots. Or is it just me that think gigabytes color scheme is a little weird?

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    Any more news on this?

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    Anyone seen or know of any pictures with the EK block attached to the Mobo? Would like to see what clearences you get for the top two slots...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRAGONKZ View Post
    Any more news on this?
    Yes, they having changed the design.

    It is avaible about 1 or 2 weeks, because it is in production now.

    The pro`s for so far

    You can install all cards on all slots.
    Better postition connections
    It looks better then the EK one..
    Price about 69,99 euros..

    This is the old design..

    The new one is a lot thinner. about 11mm.
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    I have a question, I just bought a x58 ud5 board and I want to know what kinda block I can use on it. I do not know what the difference between the EX58 and the X58 board is. I contacted EK to see if their ex58 ud5 compatible block would work on my x58 ud5 board. They were not sure, they told me to send them a picture of my board without the heatsinks, so I did, and they told me its not compatible. On the MIPS website it says that the waterblock you guys are talking about is compatible with the EX58 boards. Can someone please clarify what the actual differences are between these boards, and tell me why the EX58's are so much more compatible than the x58's. The only differences I can see is the slot arrangements, but they do not look like they would even interfere with the block anyway.

    Sorry to awaken an old thread but I thought this would be right on topic. Hopefully this can help others as well because this thread is the first google result for "x58 ud5 waterblock"

    Thanks everyone!



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