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Thread: MousePot 4.1a GPU plans

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    MousePot 4.1a GPU plans

    Posted with the permission of Jason. His words:

    First rev4.1a
    Note the 1.2in x 1.2in extrusion can be .025in thickness .05in is not needed for 2900xt inside shim install

    Please share
    You do not have to say a Mousepot Clone if you copy the deisgn
    Ill try and do a MM format and CM format, but for now just Inch format

    Print out at 200% at Kinco's and take to machineshop for manuf.

    Thanks for helping expand the evolution on pot deisgn
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    Not sure i totally follow anything you said, but regardless of that you helped me come up with a very good idea....
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    you sigged that?


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    Thanks Jason, this kind of sharing makes the community better.
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    Thanks for sharing your hardwork Jason.

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    Thx for sharing Jason!

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    Wow, that's a hell of a lot better then the drawings I posted a few days ago.
    Thanks a lot!

    here are messurements in MM. I recalculated them 2 decimal after the . witch is a bit overdone I think. Anyway, here it is.

    Only problem is finding a drill of that size I think. Maby Jason needs to adjust some more.

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    ^Those are the pots Kinc is using, so the drill size must not be a problem.

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    cool with some slight modifications you can get more mass out of this design, nice



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