Voltage Panel - HW Killing Zone!

  1. M.Beier
    First sharing:

    DDR3 D9GTR; 2.4v good for 24/7, with fan - 2.75v good for short time benching.

    Quadcore 45nm
    Unlimited vcore (2.1v+), 1.575v vTT, 1,6v vPLL

    Dualcore 45nm
    Unlimited vcore (2.1v+), 1,625v vTT, 1.7v vPLL
  2. STEvil
    8400GS vGPU 24/7 air: 1.7ish. Survived 3.0v on water. Still running.

    s462 (All) vcore air 2.15v 24/7 (2+ years runtime).
  3. ownage
    8400GS during dutch contest:
    max on water: 2.35v, died.
    Trying to revive using crazy solutions like hooking a 5v line from a PSU directly to the GPU. Enormous droop 5v line, Idle 3.0v, load 1.7v
    Doing this the typical black XFX pcb paint burned off the pb and a copper trace sprang out.
    After some repairs the card still worked with an external psu.

    Abit AB9-PRO P965:
    Northbridge voltage 2.55v during one and a halve 3dmark06 runs. Why? The board didn't had pll or vtt voltage to adjust, but Vnb seemed to even scale above 2v.

    Intel E6600 L627
    Daily: 3.8ghz 1.62v stable
    Max bench: A bit above 2.4v for maybe 20sec (testing my weak phase-change).

    HD3850 256mb
    Max bench: 1.88v (limited because of ovp/ocp)
    Daily: 1.6v (for 2 months now)
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