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  1. Sparky
    I want one of the new camaros for sure. Give me the SS please!
  2. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Guys. Start adding photos and stuff.
  3. Sparky
  4. [XC] Lead Head
    [XC] Lead Head
    Not the biggest fan of the pointed front end. They seemed to borrow elements from the challenger, but the the camaro definitely looks "slimmer" then the challenger.
  5. gillbot

    As you can see by those in the background, it's a little bit loud.
  6. gillbot
    Here's the new setup:
  7. Sparky
    Lead Head, the Camaro concept came first, so if anyone "borrowed" elements, it would be dodge borrowing from chevy for the challenger
  8. jason str
    jason str
    Hello I'm Jason an x racer and master mechanic. This looks like something that i may be able to help with and maybe learn something too.

    Mostly 1/4 mile and street racing in my past with Oldsmobile, Mopar and Pontiac.

    One of my friends bet me i could not get my 73 olds delta 88 under 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile back in the day and managed to get in the high 10 seconds to prove him wrong, also one of the first to cram a 440 6 pack motors into one of many 79-84 diplomat bodies that fall apart under stress.

    Love that new Camaro by the way but would not be the best choice having 3 kids now.

    P.S. Dont buy into the ricers, its like dating fat chicks lots of fun until your friends see you with it.
  9. gillbot
    Headin to the track Friday, I can't wait!!
  10. Sparky
    So how was it at the track gillbot?
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