Thread Derailment Organization

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  1. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
  2. phelan1777
    Who said there was a topic? I have yet to see a thread with the disclaimer pertaining to the relation of following posts that do not adhere to the original post that the poster of a potentially incriminating thread that gives cause to believe a thread will in fact derail will face a punish of legal nature and or cause not to cause a thread to deviate from the intended course. <shrugs> hehe
  3. D_A
    So who saw Top Gear the other night?
  4. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Phelan sort your avatar out. Its fallen off the provocative index.
  5. phelan1777
    you mean my current? Ha that innocent in comparison the arsenal I have access too muhahahaha but I don't want a vacation right now
  6. Riggs
    To Dak: This is Dave at charles party,

    Cant I get one day with no grief from you guys?

    However, riggs is doing a good job at taking care of me.
    He's a good kid, it's the adults I have to watch out for.
    Charles has been on me like white on rice for the last 3 hours to do karaoke and it's like evading the CIA keeping out of his sight!
  7. fart_plume
    Hmmm , Dave doing karaoke is definatly a weapon of mass destruction.............
  8. 123bob
    OK, I think I qualify. I'm so derailed, I didn't know what to do with this invite. I had to push the "join group" button.

    Now when do we start talking about whether tuna in the can is better than fresh tuna? I kind of like the can myself....
  9. Brother Esau
    Brother Esau
    Let me start by saying I nominate myself as the Group Therapist But First I would like to Thank The Academy
  10. Brother Esau
    Brother Esau
    Can We Have a Fight Club Too?
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