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  1. EnJoY
    I miss Gene and Alex.
  2. Planet
    Haha alex aka hurting boy
  3. TheKarmakazi
    cmon lets post some classified loving guys
  4. Kuntz
    I just bought my first EVGA product ever, the X58 Classified (760)! So far I am impressed.
  5. chetanzcool
    Guys Registered on this site a year back , but for some reason (even though i confirmed my email validation) i havent been validated by the Administrator. Could a Mod please get this done? I really would like to start posting rather than only read the forums !
  6. Gunslinger
    classified in the house (since April)

    We need a poll, how many EVGA products on your "my products" page?
  7. Kal-EL
    I don't have too many things listed, workin on it
  8. =SOC= Admiral
    =SOC= Admiral
    I have had an EVGA GTX260 and it went bad. I was in my stepup time so I had them send me a GTX275 and thats what I have been using since. I plan to get the classified sometime in 2010. Maybe a 285 classified and when my friend gets a gt300 I am looking at getting his 285s 1 SSC and 1 FTW.
  9. jfromeo
    E760 and 2xGTX295 here
  10. PEBKAC
    Got my EVGA Classified E759 (no. 110) and waiting for EVGA to release a Classified version of a Fermi card.
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