EVGA Extreme Enthusiasts

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  1. BenchZowner
    I know one working for OCZ Technology.
    Another one for Antec.
    And I'm quite sure that eVGA has at least one
  2. T_M
    Gigabyte marketting, hotties galore
  3. RAW-Raptor22
    I have/had an:

    EVGA GF2 MX200
    EVGA GF8800GTS 320MB -stepped up to-
    EVGA 8800GT 512MB
  4. EnJoY
    One thing's for sure, when Jake and I were both support reps, I was better.
  5. giorgos th.
    giorgos th.
    eVGA 8800GTS 640mb,8800GT 512,8800GTS 512 and 2*9800GX2...
    i just love eVGA..
  6. JacobF
  7. NeverMore
    Nice K|ngp|n. How are those 280s workin' for ya? ^_^
  8. k|ngp|n
    Not bad nevermore. I LOVE MY EVGA GTX280's !!!!!
    So we need to start talking NVISION 08' in here I think.
  9. NeverMore
    I'd like to go fairly badly, but ..

    1. Probably too young.
    2. Tickets are probably a to find.
  10. k|ngp|n
    These lan parties kill me Bunch of kids running around hopped up on caffeine drinks with glowing bouncing antennas on.24hr's though so when we start benching we dont have to stop. Go 48hrs straight if we want too. We might need a couple 230's jacob. Triple sli is an LN2 whore
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