EVGA Extreme Enthusiasts

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  1. BenchZowner
    You say no Tim ?
    Ok... ok... let me give my contact at Gigabyte TW a call... yes... yes my dear, do not send any packages to mr T. M., he's a scammer
  2. EnJoY
    How come we can't see big versions of the pics?
  3. BenchZowner
    He uploaded them at the displayed size m8
  4. Planet
    Jacobs gotta learn to take bigger pics :P
  5. JacobF
    Well the reason they are so small is because for some reason the preview image breaks when it is large

    Here is Vince

  6. NeverMore

    NeverMore's current rig. ( My first. )

    I'm looking into phase change, and buying a couple GT200s. Then I'll really be up to par, eh? ( Don't make fun of my insignificant rig, lol. )
  7. EnJoY
    Vince is almost as good looking as I am. We should start a new group for handsome overclockers. Jake, you're not invited.
  8. NeverMore

    Poor Jake. -_-
  9. BenchZowner
    EnJoY man, I'd say let's get some chicks working for various hardware manufacturers to judge who belongs to the "HOG" ( Handsome Overclockers Group )
  10. EnJoY
    Yess...perfect the "HOG" lol. Are there any hotties workin for the hardware companies these days?
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