EVGA Extreme Enthusiasts

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  1. NeverMore
    "Triple sli is an LN2 whore"

    I can imagine, lol. -_-
  2. Planet
    Screw the 230 Liters Vince lets get a whole truck like the commerical
  3. k|ngp|n
    I wish it were really like that. My LN2 tab is so high atm, about to get cut-off from praxair lol. Been benching LN2 almost non-stop since the last time I saw you at CES Jake, and prolly will keep benching LN2 until nvision where we will bench more LN2
    If we bench triple SLI for 2day straight marathon, we could go through four hundred litres easy running vantage.
  4. BenchZowner
    Hmmm... sc*ew the IT industry, I'll just open a LN2 supplies chain
  5. Mk
    Evga Ftw!
  6. Planet
    Yea should be fun event at Nvision. Yea my ln2 bill got a little high had to stop.
  7. T_M
    I'd love to buy some eVGA gear at the moment, but it seems they dont exist in Singapore
  8. JacobF
    For those with an EVGA GTX 280/260, register here for your instant 3DMark Vantage Key

  9. k|ngp|n
    Cool deal. Vantage is a perfect fit with these cards. I might bring my pump top to the lan for me and shamino to bench with. Can you give me the neck ID of your new 30l man?
  10. Mk
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