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  1. check out the evil bunny in my sig.

    12 core CPU in hand for socket G34 already.
    I sense a disturbance in the force

    now how do I do that little light saber fight ? lol
  3. and like the ninja you are you pull this, I was going to make a bulldozer speculations/rumor thread.
  4. damn gremlins. well in short
    large L1 cache vs small L1 cache and SMT. = core design evolution..
  5. I could swore I put a big post over here before XS went down :/where did it go lol
  6. conceited
    is the WORD of the day.
    it's not you though.
  7. Hey man,thanks for the suggestion,i added it to my Interests .It takes the honorary last place but is one of the sweetest
  8. Interests: pwning introllers (a.k.a intel trolls)
  9. That's good news man
  10. Rabbits are very sensitive animals,i hope she gets better soon.Make sure you check with the vet soon for the progress and therapy.
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