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Thread: Venus Software Monitoring Comparison

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    Venus Software Monitoring Comparison

    These results were obtained on Venus #D607000349 in Win XP x64 Editon.
    Basically a comparison of the latest versions of software monitoring utilities.

    I've tried to show a comparison of temps/voltages/fans between MBM5, cpu-z, SysTool, Everest Ultimate Edition 2.8, and a beta of the new version of NextSensor that Vitaliy (VVJ @ CBID) is working on. I really like the 3 decimal place readout of NextSensor but there are still issues with fan speeds and of course I still need MBM5 for importing data to the MatrixOrbital display and Samaurize. Nextsensor also seems to read the 12v rail correctly where all the others are a little high.

    ALL the programs are still reading 8-10 degrees lower than the exact same setup on my Ultra-Ds.
    I am also sure that Everest is incorrectly naming the sensors themselves and I have added the correct names to the screenshot.

    I also get incorrect results using the A64 memory tweaking in SysTool compared to A64 Tweaker. SysTool is still in Alpha stage and hopefully W1zzard can fix these bugs.

    More details on MBM5 for the DFI LanParty boards can be found here

    These all all EXCELLENT programs and kudos to the authors for attempting to give us what motherboard manufacturers can't, correct readings of voltages and temperatures. As you can see they are all very close in readings and your preference is really what matters.

    Yes, of course software monitoring is no substitute for a Digital Multimeter. but if you measure with a DMM and than correct the voltage.ini in MBM5 you can get very close to being on the button. MBM5 remains my app of choice since it uses the fewest resources, Voltage and temps can be calibrated/compensated for, and works in both 32 and 64 bit OSes.

    All credit for MBM5 to it's author, Alexander Van Kaam.
    Hope this helps someone.
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