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Thread: Post Pictures of you Mac setup.

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    It's the bargain bucket AOC i2367FH.

    It's 23" IPS display with a matte anti-glare coating.
    Cheap and cheerful really.

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    i think that is the HP 27xi. It is currently on sale at Costco for $220 before tax.

    edit: didn't see nightmares response, haha. I'm way off.
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    Mid 2-12 macbook pro 2.6ghz, with boost to 3. something or other. 27 inch asus hd monitor (2011) 8gb ram, Set up for recording sound libraries offloaded to a 1tb hd. oxygen 25, mbox 2 and whatever is left from pawning gear to make it through college(less than half my gear)
    Bachelor of Science in Music Production 2016, Mid 2012 mack book Pro i7 2.6 8gb ram Nvidia 250m 1gb . Pro Tools , Logic X, Presonus one, Reaper, Garage Band. Cubase, Cakewalk.

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