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Thread: [Asus+Dothan]Dead BH5 - Here is the TUT to fix it!

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    [Asus+Dothan]Dead BH5 - Here is the TUT to fix it!

    We now know that when you have an Asus motherbaord with the ct-479 and dothan you easily can kill youre mem. Many people say its the problem when using Clockgen and CPUZ at the same time.

    So what would it be..

    Well after some searching with Thaiphoon SPD editer i saw that (i had 1 "dead" and 1 normal stick in my dfi nf4) thaiphoon spotted 2 times a SPD. So practily the spd is still alive.

    When you think about this we all know cpuz enters the spd. So i think that is the mean problem. (dont ask me what happend when this problem occured)

    So what i did is reversed the problem

    <font color="red">Follow this Tutorial and youre pretty bh5 will be running like it did before </font>

    Here you see thaiphoon. As you can see thaiphoon see's 2 SPD's, my 52H is my working xms 3200LL to get in windows and 53H is my dead xms 3500. Choose youre dead mem as device (i select 53h)

    Second step is to load the "good" dump for youre dead mem. Try to find the simmilair dump for youre mem. So in my case xms3500c2 dump.

    (you can find dumps in this post, or if you know someone with the same memory you can make a dump from them.

    Then give Thaiphoon the order to Fully write the spd with the loaded dump.

    Just restart youre pc....


    Im sorry to say, CPUZ is a truelly great program. But this time its the bad guy and Erases the SPD from the memory!

    <center><font size="5"><font color="red"><b>Dumps!</b></font></font><br />

    ================================================== =====================

    Thaiphoon Download trial!

    <font color="orange">256mb Ram dumps:</font>
    ================================================== ======================
    <font color="green">
    - TwinMOS BH-5 3200
    - Kingston KHX3200 (old bh5)
    - corsair 3200ll ver1.1 (old BH5)
    - Corsair 3500C2v1.1 (old BH-5)
    - Mushkin Special 2-2-2 DDR400 (old BH-6)
    - Infineon 6-A DDR333 (old BH-6)
    - Kingston KHX3500 (old custom BH)
    - Buffalo PC3700 (old bh5)
    - Hyundai PC3200 (Hynix D43)
    - Kingston PC2700 KVR (value)
    <font color="orange">512mb Ram dumps.</font>
    ================================================== ======================
    <font color="green">
    - Mushkin Level II Black 3500 (old bh5)
    - Corsair XMS3200 v1.1 (old bh50)
    - Twinmos PC3200 (old bh5)
    - Corsair 3500C2v1.1 (old BH-5)
    - Geil PC3200 Ultra-X (new BH)
    - Mushkin Redline PC4000 (new CH)
    - OCZ PC3200 Gold (new BH)
    - Infineon PC2700 6-A (old bh6)
    - Kreton PC3200 (new bh5)
    - Kingston KHX3200 (old bh5)
    - Twinmos speed premium ch-5 (AA4T new ch5)
    - G.Skill F1-3200BWU2-1GBGH (BH-UTT)
    - G.Skill F1-3200DSU2-1GBFX (TCCD)
    - G.Skill F1-3200DSU2-1GBLE (TCCD)
    - G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-1GBNT (Infineon chips)
    - G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-1GBZX (Infineon chips)
    - G.Skill F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC (TCCD)
    - G.Skill F1-4800DSU2-1GBFF (TCCD)
    - G.Skill F1-4800DSU2-1GBFR (TCCD)
    - Kingston PC3200 KVR (value)
    - OCZ PC3200 OCZ400512ELPER2 (TCCD)

    <font color="orange">1024mb Ram dumps:</font>
    ================================================== ======================
    <font color="green">
    G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS (Infineon chips)
    - Crucial PC4000 Ballistix Z503 (Micron chips)

    ================================================== ======================
    <center><font size="5"><font color="red"><b>Warning!</b></font></font><br />

    If people decide they wanna play with custom spd settings OR load an other spd then the original, they could destroy their ram and their memory controllers! Why? Coz Thaiphoon or anything else besides an external spd programmer doesn't access the secondary spd settings. So this can give HUGE problems were i dont want to be responseble for!

    So please be clever and put the original dumps in the correct SPD's!

    ================================================== ======================

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