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Thread: Power And You (A Guide To Protecting Your Computer)

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    Quote Originally Posted by drak3 View Post
    This is an old thread, but it was a good read and makes perfect sense to ensure that power going IN the PSU is of quality if the PSU is going to work easy and produce quality power.

    I have been looking at APC as they make "good" stuff for a "good" price.

    Specifically, 750VA-APC-Smart-UPS-750i-USB-and-Serial-Port-230v-Including-PowerCute-software

    which has in the description "sine wave" but I am not sure what sort of line conditioning/filtering this does.

    Is this an "all rounder" or I need to buy the monster bar and this also to be fully filtered/protected.

    The Smart BasckUps are fully line interactive with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) & output a "True Sine Wave" when running on batteries.

    They are excellent UPS's & complete in themselves!

    Do not add anything, as it will "degrade" performance.

    Always Build with the Best,
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    Check Tripp-lite for line conditioners & their green UPS

    Check Tripp-lite for line conditioners & their greenline line
    conditioning green UPS $50 line conditioners starting @ $80
    Every thing Monster is way overpriced

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    Every thing Monster is way overpriced
    Every thing Monster is evil & supports corporate terrorism!
    Monster Cable Strong-Arms
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    Power Supply Guide for Today's & Tomorrow's Computers

    Always Build with the Best!
    Dave .

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    I have the Monster Power Reference Power Center HTS 3500. Never thought about using it for my PC. I don't believe it has a PC hookup. It has jacks for AV receivers, AMPs etc. Which jack would be the best to use to plug my PC into?
    EDIT: If I had read the thread
    I could have found the answer myself, sorry. I used the one labeled Spare, digital.
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    nice share buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YorkTown View Post
    I'd rather not spend anything on a UPS. but I need to protect my invetment and have it run at a top notch level.

    that UPS you linked is a nice one. i was looking to buy the BR1300 which is basically the same in terms of price and features. the problem is that the UPS doesnt have a pure sinewave.

    My PSU is an enermax galaxy 850, the manual states it's not compatible with stepped sinewave which is basically the same as simulated sinewave. I need and would like a pure sinewave.

    My peeve is that a 350 UPS doesnt seem to condition the line :-/
    I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to say you should check out the TrippLite SmartOnline series, like the one I have:


    Pure sine output, I needed this type to run an Enermax Infiniti PSU. Has AC-to-DC-back-to-nice, clean-AC conversion, so you get a good steady 60Hz/120v power source even if the incoming wall AC fluctuates. It's also been a great battery backup, has kicked in several times during power failures in the 3 years I've had it and never failed me.

    Kinda pricey though...at the time, I paid a little under $400. with ship. but it has saved my bacon many times with several different rigs, and with pure sine your downstream components may last longer, compared to the "sour power" of simulated sine.

    Only complaint I had was the OEM 8cm fan was a Delta howler, so I installed a quieter Noctua 8cm and all is well.

    Overall, I'd say a worthwhile investment.
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    thanks mate, Got myself a 8 socket surge board and is working perfect!

    Another thing I find funny is AMD/Intel would snipe any of our Moms on a grocery run if it meant good quarterly results, and you are forever whining about what feser did?

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    It may be a dumb question but should a $100-$150 UPS provide all the protection I need (surge, noise...whatever else)?
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