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Thread: How tight can I run my TCCD with 300FSB?

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    How tight can I run my TCCD with 300FSB?

    I'm running 300 x 9 2.5-3-3-7 @ 2.9v 1:1 1T, is it possible to do better (tighter)?

    So far, I failed. Any advises.


    FSB Bus Frequency: 300
    LTD/FSB Frequency Ratio: X 3.0
    LDT Bus Transfer Width: 16/16
    CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: X 9.0
    PCI Express Frequency: 100 Mhz
    K8 Cool & Quiet Support: Disable
    CPU Vid Startup Value: Startup
    CPU Vid Control: 1.450v
    CPU Special Vid Control: Above Vid * 110%
    LTD Voltage Control: 1.20v
    Chipset Voltage Control: 1.50v
    Dram Voltage Control: 2.90v
    Run Memtest86: Disable
    MAC Lan: Auto
    MAC Media Interface: PinStrap
    Machine MAC NV Address: Disable
    Internal Phy SATA 1/2: Disable
    Internal Phy SATA 2/4: Enable
    Si I3114 sATA Raid Control: Disable
    VIA 1394 Control: Enable
    Marvel Giga Lan Control: Enable

    Dram Frequency: 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01)
    Command Per Clock (cpc): Enable
    Cas Latency Control (tcl): 2.5
    Ras to Cas Delay (trcd): 3
    Min Ras Active Time (tras): 7
    Row Precharge Time (trp): 3
    Row Cycle Time (trc): 7
    Row Refrsh Cycle Time (trfc): 14
    Row to Row Delay (trrd): 2
    Write Recovery Time (twr): 2
    Write to Read Delay (twtr): 2
    Read to Write Delay (trwt): 2
    Refresh Period (tref): 3632
    Write Cas Latency (twcl): 1
    Dram Bank Interleave: Enable
    DQS Skew Control: Increase Skew
    DQS Skew Value: 255
    Dram Drive Strength Level: Level 7
    Dram Data Drive Strength: Level 2
    Max Async Latency: 0.8 nano seconds
    Read Preamble Time: 0.5 nano seconds
    Idle Cycle Limit: 256 Cycles
    Dynamic Counter: Disable
    R/W Queue Bypass: 16X
    Bypass Max: 7X
    32 byte Granularity: Disable (8 Bursts)

    Memtest86 36 passes (8hrs 25min) 0 errors.
    SuperPi 1M & 2M stable.
    Not Prime95 stable yet working on it.
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    CPU Intel i7 930 3001A125 @ 4.0 GHz HT
    Mobo Asus Rampage III extreme 1208 BIOS
    GPU Asus GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU II
    RAM G.Skill Ripjaws F3-16000CL9T-6GBRH DDR3-2000 (6x2GB)
    SSD Corsair Force GT 120GB SATA3
    HDD WD Caviar black 1.5TB SATA3
    HDD WD Caviar blue 1.0TB SATA3 (2x)
    HDD WD Caviar 250GB SATA2 (2x)
    HDD WD Raptor 74GB SATA
    Storage controller IBM M1015 SATA3 RAID controller
    CPU Block Koolance CPU-370
    Radiator Phobya G-Changer 360 (3x Panaflo FBA12G12U 120mm)
    Radiator HardwareLabs Black Ice GT Stealth 420 (3x Yate Loon D14SM-12 140mm)
    Pump Swiftech MCP650 (2x)
    Case MountainMods Pinnacle 24
    PSU Enermax Evo Galaxy 1050w
    Sound SB X-fi titanium Fatal1ty



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