I've just bought the MSI k8n neo2 platinum and a AMD64-3200+.

So I went ahead and assembled the system, using my old memory (2 x 512 Mushkin Special 2-2-2 - Winbond BH6).

At first everything seemed fine, the system booted and I updated the BIOS to the newest (official 1.8). But this is where the weird things began to appear.

If the system is allowed to run "warm", like your ordinary car-engine, and I shutdown my computer then it wont start again, it never reaches POST when trying to start the system again. If, however, I allow the system to cool down (20 mins or so) then the system boots just fine?

I run everything at stock speeds. The memory is rated at 2-2-2-6.

Do you guys have ANY idea as to what may be wrong? As I'm fresh out of ideas and just about ready to eat an apple instead...

EDIT: The symptom appears only to happen when I run the memory in DUAL-CHANNEL mode - when using only one block of memory, the system seems to work fine.