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Thread: Removing the A64 IHS

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    Quote Originally Posted by lism View Post
    i saw some doompics in here on soldered IHS onto the core, and with removal it destroyed it totally. Would i be safe? And i saw putting loadbalancers on your die-package would smaller the chance of your core getting chrused, i have a zalman 9500 LED n stuff. When the case is in it's side, it would defenitly crush the core by hanging on the side, u know?
    I don't know about cores being ripped off the PCB, the only one I saw was maybe an old socket 754 CPU.

    A shim will totally reduce the risk of crushing the core, I've had it that way for more than six months by now without issues. I have a XP-90C with a 92 mm Tornado, a 9500 LED is definitely lighter, if the heatsink is well tightened you shouldn't crush stuff unless you start kicking the case
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    peel the IHS like your peeling an apple

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