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Thread: Hell-Fire discussion

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    Very sorry to see this.

    I would think that he'd get motivated real fast when a police officer comes asking hard questions, even if nothing else has worked.

    Fraud & or grand theft are not joking matters & I'd think he'd move fast to avoid a criminal record that will stain him & follow him for the rest of his life.

    Not to mention that many collages will expell any student found to be in that much trouble with the law, they don't want problems like that around.

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    i think XS should elect someone to contact hellfire's local police IN PERSON about this with a written statement of the hardware missing/stolen. It seems to me he got greedy and f**ked everyone over.

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    its being handled by those involved.
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    I know you all don't need my input but here's my .02 anywase. Since i've been away for a while.

    Hell-Fire is a good guy, don't get me wrong what he's doing or has done is wrong. Something has to have of come up. The last time I talked to him about modding my booster he replied promptly. What most people don't understand is when he started doing this is was free, all you had to pay for was parts. He go overwhelmed then started charging. He really was an assist to this community. I'm sorry it had to come down to this.
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    Being reading this and the other thread for some time now.
    Thats a sad thing going on here. I'm disapointed and shocked with what Hell Fire did. Good luck to remaining victims!

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