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Thread: P4C800 E Deluxe Vcore mod, Vdrop mod, Vmem mod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by $oul
    yep it worked, also did the vdroop mod with 28k resistor.

    For some reason i can't boot with 1.7v vcore or higer
    (don't know if it's because the droop mod)
    i read that the vcore fluctuates 0.15v when going higher than 1.7v on p4c800 is this true ? and is there a fix for this ?

    all voltages lower than 1.7v are stable
    well i work with a variable resistor and over 1,7v you must have more than 28k .. i dunno how much exactly, but never go under 15k
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    Where can I get a 50K VR? A part number would be a big help.

    edit: Found some.
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    The pictures are down, can anyone fix it pls?

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    Sorry for use this old thread....

    but are the mods the same on P4C800 Deluxe (nonE) ???

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    performed the vdroop mod yesterday but it was unsuccessful. stock resistance on the vdroop pin was 13.7k ohms. i tuned a 50k resistor to 27k like stated in the first post and soldered it on. checked resistance after and the overall resistance was 9.1k ohms. so my resistance decreased from 13.7k ohms to 9.1k ohms by adding a 27k ohm VR. powered the board on and all i got was a load squeal from the general area that i modded it.


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    This has to be one of the coolest boards I ever used to have. Makes me want to bust back into P4 OC'ing lol

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    Wow! A five-year thread revival.

    Might just have to pull out one of these boards out of the box and give this a go. Recently got a new soldering station that needs to be tested.
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    Just to give this Thread a liddle push again. I destroyed a nice working P4C800E-Dlx Rev 2.0 Board by trying to drop mod it. I just put too much heat with the wrong tools to the board. My first try was to apply a 50 kOhm resistor set up to 27k to the small resistor one the board. The green points marked on this picture. It didint work. Still the same Vdrop as before. One the second try, I soldered the wires to the blue points. And this time I put to much heat to the board. I still works but makes awsome noise of bleeding circuit elements. Just turn it off to prevent it from exploding.

    What soldering iron do you suggest to perform this mod? On what folding points you were successful with this mod? green or blue or even other ones?

    I want to upgrade my P4C800E Dlx with a CT 479 adapter and a Pentium M 780. Does the Vrop of the P4C800E dlx also influence the overclocking ability of this solution or does the CT 479 shield the Vdrop from the CPU?

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