First of all, I'm REALLY sorry to have to post such a n00bish question, but I figured I wouldn't be made fun of too much.

Here goes: which is a better supply and for what reasons, the OCZ 520W Powerstream or the Topower 600W?

I've heard multiple sources say the Topower 600W is just an OCZ 600W with windows in the sides and no external pots. If that's true, then it's a way better deal than the OCZ 520W. The Topower 600W is about $30-40 CAD cheaper than the OCZ 520W (and more than $100 less than the 600W OCZ). I just want to know if I'd be missing out on anything by getting the Topower.

I can't find any specific amperage ratings for the Topower, so that's another reason I've posted this. Thank you for any information!